Managed Office Space Fitout And Furnishing

Managed Office Space is a growing sector in London following the pandemic. One member of our broker panel has partnered with a fast-growing Managed Office Space company with an ambitious and forward-thinking offering.

The challenge the broker faced was to find a significant amount of funding for this client. As a relatively new business in a growing market they had a negative balance sheet – but big ambitions.

After reaching out to his network for support, the broker was told that Asset Advantage were a funder who would consider this kind of deal.

The Funding solution

A series of Business Loans to the value of £685,000 (5 Year Term).

The key differentiator in this case was that Philip Knight, Head of Credit and Risk, came to meet the client’s directors, and got a complete understanding of their plans and their vision.

This has led to three sites, and five separate deals being financed in a matter of 4 months. With a very good relationship with the client going forward on future projects in this growing market.

Why Asset Advantage?

The broker appreciated the different approach Asset Advantage take to funding and said:

“It has been a pleasure coming back to Asset Advantage after so many years to enjoy the support of their Credit Team and New Business in helping us complete five deals to a total value of £685K for a very important customer of ours. My thanks go to Philip Knight for thinking ‘outside the box’ and beyond the balance sheet to use his skills and experience in completing these deals.”

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