Funding Options

A common-sense approach to lending. We offer asset finance and business loans up to £1m to SMEs in England and Wales through our partnerships with commercial finance brokers.

This facilitates the acquisition of a wide variety of business critical assets for commercial entities throughout the UK.

Payments are typically made monthly by direct debit, over a period of between three and five years, enabling businesses to match costs to the income that the asset generates and its depreciation profile.


We help you to get the deal

We work with you to get to the deal. Our underwriters are highly experienced, and with their expertise in structuring complex security, we enable you to get to a deal with a complex case.

Experienced in a multitude of sectors

While we will consider any asset in any industry sector, our vast experience built over 15 years of lending to SMEs means we have developed good knowledge and insights into established and emerging sectors in the UK.

Funding options

Whether you’re investing in equipment, technology, refurbishment, or business development explore the funding options below.

Business Loans

Provides a cash advance to businesses and supports long term investment

  • £75k to £1m

  • Term 3-5 years
  • Can be used for Business Acquisition

  • Can be used for Management Buy-outs (MBOs) and Buy-ins (MBIs)

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Finance Lease

Monthly repayments over a fixed or
minimum term

  • £15k to £1m
  • Term 3-5 years

  • Soft and hard assets

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Hire Purchase

Monthly repayments with low cost
option to purchase fee

  • £15k to £1m
  • Term 3-5 years
  • Soft and hard assets

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A common sense approach to credit risk

Our business model is based on not competing with other funders and offering a unique credit appetite combined with competitive rates. We seek low risk transactions that other funders reject due to an inability to see beyond the headline figures or Credit Agency data.

No industry

No asset

Ability to interpret complex accounts and see beyond the headline figures

New start


Management Buy Outs (MBOs) & Management Buy Ins (MBIs)

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