Asset Finance Underwriting Veterans Launch New Podcast

Caroline Bartholomew

Philip Knight and Vickey Want record their conversations out loud – exclusive insight into the underwriting process

For brokers who have ever wondered what an underwriter is thinking when they respond to their deal, now the truth is revealed.

Philip Knight, Credit and Risk Director, and Vickey Want Assistant Director of Credit make up the Underwriting team at Boutique Asset Finance Funder Asset Advantage. They have released a new podcast: Asset Advantage Out Loud.

Vickey and Philip are unique in the market place in that they will consider any asset in any industry sector, as they believe good businesses can be found in any industry. They have also financed assets over 50 years old, where the underlying credit of the business is good.

Due to the nature of their business, they certainly have a lot to discuss. And in committing these conversations to a podcast, they hope to inform brokers of the process an underwriter goes through when appraising a deal.

Philip Knight said: “Vickey and I spend a lot, and I mean a lot, of time talking about proposals and credit issues so it seemed a natural thing to effectively record those conversations and lift the curtain a bit on our work as underwriters.”

Asset Advantage Out Loud is available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts, simply search for Asset Advantage Out Loud. Current episodes include:

  • Top Ten list of things we like to see in a proposal
  • Downside Equity Deals
  • The Simple Things in Life

Forthcoming topics to be covered include:

  • What we look for in a guarantor
  • Mission creep
  • What actually is credit risk
  • Fraud
  • Industry sector issues
  • Worst things we see in business plans
  • Most challenging sectors to underwrite

Katie Dowse, Business Development Manager at Asset Advantage said: “This is your chance to get behind the scenes of an underwriter’s decision-making process, we are hoping that this will help when putting your proposals together and understanding what makes a good deal.” Listen now:

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